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Web4-u is possibly the single biggest step forward in enabling tourism businesses to market themselves since the development of the Internet. A bold and possibly arrogant claim but one made from total belief. You will only know it to be true if you give it a go or your competitor gives it a go and you don't.

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What is web4-u?

By following some very easy steps you will be able to

Join a Pan-Wales tourism business database

Add your Business Information to a new Pan-Wales tourism business database to join free of charge.

Create a web site.

By following a few simple steps anyone who can use a mouse and can type will be able to create a web site as good as a web designer.

Fully control your web site.

Control the content, pictures, text and design. The system allows you to update your own new web site created using Web4-u anytime, in minutes and at no cost.

Share information

Share information with other local tourism businesses. This is the big one that makes Web4-u innovative and unique. For example an accommodation provider can add local attractions, activities, events, eating places etc., from the system database to their web site in order to give the potential visitor a fuller picture of what is available around that business. The businesses that have been added hopefully will reciprocate and display the accommodation in question on their web sites. In this way each business can considerably increase its web presence.

Another big advantage is the content supplied by the other tourism operators is kept up to date by them, saving you a big job. "It is good to share now it makes great business sense."

Improved SEO

Improve search engine position your web site(s). When other tourism businesses display your information they will be displaying your web address. Because of the way the top search engines give greater credibility to web sites that have lots of links to them on other web sites there is a high probability that your web site will climb the rankings on search engines such as Google.

What are the costs?

i) The Passive Level

  • Add your business information to the pan Wales tourism database.
  • Unable to Broadcast to other members. Members may search for information to add to their own websites and choose yours.
  • Unable to create a Mini Tourism Website.

Cost: Free

ii) The Active Level

  • Add your business information to the Web4-u tourism database.
  • Broadcast to other members requesting that they import your information into their website.
  • Maximum 4 broadcasts a year.
  • Unable to create a Mini Tourism Website.

Cost: £75

iii) The Premium Level

  • Add your business information to the Web4-u tourism database.
  • Broadcast to other members requesting that they import your information into their website. Maximum 4 broadcasts a year.
  • Able to create a Mini Tourism Website that is hosted on the Web4-u server.

Cost: £120

Note: If you want the Web4-u team to add your information for you there will be a one off extra charge of £75

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Comments from users

I must compliment you on the system, as you have achieved a difficult balance. You have managed to design a user friendly system which won't frighten anyone, even the worst "technophobes", incorporated enough knobs and whistles for those who have a little more knowledge whilst still delivering a very professional design.

Mark Soanes Director Call of the Wild Ltd National Team Building Company of the Year

I joined last year and now I am featured with all my information on 103 other members' tourism websites. It is all about tourism businesses helping each other. I cannot recommend it enough.

Sean Taylor TT Adventure Betws-y-Coed

Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?

Rick Lee from Alchemy restaurant

Many Thanks. It is a brilliant system and very easy to use.

Richard Tyler Sustainable Tourism Manager BB National Park

The more we find out about Web4-u, the more impressed we are!

Bryan and Angela Rectory Cottage

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At the heart of "Your Tourism Community" is a database to which tourism businesses can add their descriptions, contact details, opening times, prices and photographs. This information can then be shared between other tourism businesses and added to their websites. Sign up now & be a part of Your Tourism Community! Cost: Free, forever.


TiM stands for Tourism Information Map. In 3 simple steps, you will create a map with you at the centre, surrounded by as many activities, attractions, events as you want. This then can be included on your website. The philosophy is "Where you are is important, but what is around you is probably more important" Cost from £50 per annum


Bookings4-u is part of a suite of award winning online tools; it enables tourism businesses to take bookings securely online, anytime, anywhere. Cost from £150 per annum

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