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Bookings4-u will provide the platform to enable tourism businesses of all types to offer safe, secure online booking/reservation for their services. Bookings4-u provides the facility for your potential customers to check availability and make online reservation requests accordingly.

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What are the benefits of using online booking?

Apart from the obvious benefits of convenience for your customer youalso find that the time taken to process a booking is greatly reduced with the added advantage of payment security. Bookings made online create a traceable paper trail and can avoid many of the issues thrown up up by cancellations and clients not turning up.

Independent studies have proven that Internet users like to do everything immediately. If they can't check availability and place a booking request immediately they're likely to go to another website that lets them do so. A lot of the larger hotel chains have already realised this and have implemented (at great cost) their own Internet reservation systems. Bookings4-u puts this facility within the reach of even the smallest establishment.

I don't think the system will work for me?

We are often met with this response and our response to this is why?

The system has been built with the help of people just like you in fact our initial approach was. Please list all the reasons why online booking wont work for you. We then worked on that list to ensure all the points were covered. Take advantage of the 30 day trial, if you don't try using the system you will never know whether it can benefit your business.

I already have a booking form online why do I need your reservation system?

Unlike enquiry forms, online availability generates "real" reservation requests. Real in the sense that they come complete with credit card details, a demonstration of your prospective clients' commitment.

Please note the system works on the basis of a request being made by the potential customer and that request being accepted by you the business owner. You are not expected to guarantee availability, just reply to the request within 24hrs. The entire system has been built with the assistance of businesses just like yours so if you have any ideas on how it might be improved please let us know.

What are the costs?

i) First Month - Free

Your first month is free and there is no obligation to continue. If you are a Web4-u user you can can login with your existing username and password. For new users, go to the website ( and click login to create a new account.

Cost: Free

ii) Stand Alone

Once your month is up and you would like to continue using Bookings4-u, the cost is just £195 per annum.

Cost: £195 pa

iii) With Web4-u

Combine Bookings4-u with Web4-u and the cost is only £150 per annum, a discount of £45

Cost: £150 pa

Note: If you want the Bookings4-u team to add your information and create a booking area for you there will be a one off extra charge of £30

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Comments from users

I "reluctantly" started using Bookings4-u in May of this year and I cannot now believe how I survived without it. Occupancy is up, guests are staying longer and I am receiving more business from overseas.

Lesley Porter - Tyn y Fron Betws-y-Coed

We received our first overseas bookings within days and the system is so easy to use. It actually saves time. Our only regret is not having started to use it sooner.

David and Lynne - The Ferns, Betws y Coed

We were not convinced it would work for us being a small establishment and besides we are not able to accept card payments at present. Not so, we are taking reservations online and receiving deposits by post.

Nigel & Corrine - Buxton House, Llandudno

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