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The first rule for accommodation providers:

Where you are is important, but what is around you is probably more important

Visitors will probably want to stay with you because they have plans; to visit places, to do some activities, to attend events, to eat and drink.  They need to know how close you are to the things they need.  Only a map can clearly demonstrate where you are and how far you are from the places that are important to them.  The more things you have near you they want, the more likely you are to get  their booking.

The first rule for activities, attractions, eating and drinking establishments and event organisers

If the visitor to your area does not know you exist, you are unlikely to get her business.

The more maps you are featured on the more exposure your business will get and the more traffic your website will receive.

Create a in 3 easy stages

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Only £50 a year no matter how many s you are featured on.